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We Welcome New Directory Members strives to provide the public an educational and interactive experience while they explore options regarding ADHD.  We discuss many possible  types of treatments, alternative treatments and help options, as well as providing a comprehensive and easily accessed Provider Directory.  Each Section is equipped with several links to the Provider Directories making it easy to find help and very productive for our Directory Members.

If you would like to have your practice listed in our Directory we ask the following of our Providers: to be Licensed Clinicians  in good standing with their respective professional communities, or working under the supervision of a licensed health care practitioner. To participate in continuing their education. To have current experience and education regarding ADHD.


To Request A Listing For Our Provider Directory please review the information below and click on the link on the bottom of this page to create an account and place Your New Directory Listings.

Listings are on a voluntary basis and require the appropriate annual listing fees for the maintenance of the websites and Internet exposure.
Please click the link on the bottom of this page to complete and submit your order form. Or call
(208) 699-7792.  Be sure to list the directory categories that will apply to your areas of expertise.
Example: A Psychiatrist who practices neurofeedback and is a professional ADHD Coach.  This person would be listed under: Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists; Medical Doctors and Pediatricians; Neurofeedback Providers and ADHD Coaches, 5 separate directory listings under 5 different categories, including the General Directory for that state.

You are listed in the state and city in which your practice is located.  If you have more than one location your are listed under all of your locations (Up to 4), additional listings are under the corporate rate.  We also offer Multiple Locations for Coaching, if you work via the internet and phone.  As an Example: if you are located in Washington State, you could also have listings in New York, California, Texas in major Cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Houston, etc.

A Member is considered an individual or an individual group regardless of the amount of practice areas or locations. All providers are in the General Directory for their perspective States, and then according to the fields of expertise and practice areas, are added to other directory categories.  The categories are:

1. General Directory All Listings  (Per State)
2. Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists
3. Medical Doctors and Pediatricians
4. ADHD Coaches
5. Nutritionists and Dieticians
6. Neurofeedback Providers
7. Educators, Teachers and Tutors

8. Camps, Summer Programs and Retreats

9. Assessments and Evaluations

10. Alternative Care Practitioners

11. ADHD Career Counselors

12. Schools and Educational Facilities

13. Occupational and Speech Therapists

14. Professional ADHD Organizers

15. Cognitive Training

16. Integrative Health Care

(Please only request listings under directory categories or locations that actually apply to your practice areas and actual physical location.)                                   

You are welcome to change or add information on your listings at any time.  Please allow 7 days from
date of your request. A profile page is included at your request.  Please call or email with additional info
for your profile. Up to 1 page, you may include photos, logos or promotional items such books etc.  We
will link your website, however, we do not list email information unless otherwise requested.

Cognition Quest Resources retains the right to choose or reject listing requests at our discretion.  However we strive to accommodate all legitimate professionals.  And support and respect varying points of view.
We do not share or sell any of your information and the only information that is public is that which you
choose to have on your listing.  Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions, or if there is
anything we can do for you. 

Directory Listings start at $69.00 per year. We do have special Discount Incentives for multiple listings on one account.  If you would like more than 2 listings we offer graduated discounts for volume: Please visit: Corporate Discounts.


Before you create your listing (see the link below).  Please Click Here for Directory Fees.  Once we have received your payment, you are welcome to fill out the form below to create a listing or we will be contacting you within the next 48 hours via email with a listing we have created for you. To edit and Approve.  Once you have approved your listing we will place the listing in the appropriate categories, when this is completed the ordered directory listing duration will begin.  (As an example you place your order for one year on 10-12-17 your order is up on all Directories on 10-15-17 your renewal date will be 11-01-18. etc.)  We retain the right to review and approve or reject all listing on our websites.  If there are irreconcilable differences you will be immediately refunded.  (Note this has never happened.)                        


Refund Policy:

If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, within 30 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.

Thank you for your participation and welcome aboard.

If you have a current listing with us please scroll to the bottom of this page, for fees and edits.

Complete the following information, which is for office purposes only.  Immediately after you submit your Order Form a Thank you page will appear.

Welcome New Members: Please click here to create an account and place your Directory Listings.

Current Members, please click here to edit your Account Directory Listings and add additional Categories.


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