Cognition Quest Resources was established in January of 2010.  We design and promote educational websites on various subjects for learning and psychological disorders, different types of treatments, alternative treatments and help options, as well as educational sites for physical, emotional and psychological enhancements, alternatives and treatments.

Projected websites are:

Autism, Opioide Addiction, Learning Disorders, Depression and Bipolar, Tourett’s Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Anti Aging, Aging and Elder Care, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Nanotechnolgy, Sleeping Disorders, Neurofeedback, Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, and Nutrition.

Our websites are placed on many different search engines, enabling us to reach as many people as possible. We want the public to have the opportunity to see websites that offer a wide spectrum of information and resources that are available to them.  We do not promote any particular type of treatment, especially drugs.  However drugs are covered as a possible viable and appropriate resource when necessary.

The professionals who are listed have several listings available dependent on the types of treatment that they offer, as may be covered in individual menu categories.  We are careful to only add professionals who are licensed and certified, however we do not do background checks and cannot make any guarantees.  We are not accountable for any actions performed by the individuals listed. We do not promote any particular type of therapy or treatment.

There are no pop-up ads or advertisements included, other than the directory listings and product information included in the resource sections.

The Web Source at Cognition Quest Resources

The Web Source is our in house web design division.  We produce and market our own sites.  Working closely with Web Search USA on consulting basis.  Web Search USA is a Internet Marketing Firm specializing in Search Engine Placement for businesses through out the USA.  We have worked closely with this company for 5 years and found their professional and personal attention to their clients along with their attention to detail and expert knowledge in the field a valuable asset.

We are currently relocating offices to the quiet of Northern Idaho, from our offices here in the hustle and bustle of Orange County California, looking to enjoy a communion with nature.  Please direct any inquires or comments to Lani Prell at or please visit our blog.  Please send any correspondence to Lani Prell

3112 W. Wellesley Ave, Spokane, WA 99205.  Or call (208) 699-7792.

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Help With ADHD

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A viewer should enjoy their visit, with a large spectrum available to them, such as pages that are entertaining, creative, and interactive, as well as sections that are factual and include responsible information deemed accurate by professionals in their respective communities. To have an experience that is refreshing, interesting, helpful and fun, enticing them to come back many times over.

For our viewers searching for help we offer directory listings of professionals, resources, information and products.
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We want are visitors to enjoy and interact with our sites, and to find a diverse and interesting forum for ideas, beliefs, opinions and alternatives, as well as a resource of factual proven information, research and studies.