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Cognition Quest Resources would like to invite those of you who have the capacity as part of their business plan to include multiple locations for your Profile Listings.  Below is a list of the top 50 cities in the US rated by population.  The cities are numbered 1 through 50, number 1 being New York City, which has the highest population.

You are welcome to include in our Websites: and multiple cities for Coaching Services. (Please keep in mind you must have the ability to practice via Face-Time, Video Chat, Tele-Coaching etc.)

Each additional city you add-on to your account is either $25.00 each for the first 4, then $17.00 for each after: for 1 year (If you would like to include 10 or more add-on cities they are all $15.00 for 1 year).  Or $30.00 each for the first 4, then $22.00 for each after: for 2 years (If you would like to include 10 or more add-on cities they are all $20.00 for 2 years).  This is above and beyond your initial 1 year fee of $99.00 or 2 year fee of $139.00, per Website. You automatically receive up to 3 locations per account. Pick your add-on cities, by number, from the list below.  You are also welcome to include cities not listed below:  

ADHD Coaches 

Bring your Practice to Potentially Millions More, by Adding Multiple Major Cities

1. New York City,             NY        8,398,748

2. Los Angeles,                CA        3,990,456

3. Chicago,                      IL         2,705,994

4. Houston,                     TX         2,325,502

5. Phoenix,                      AZ        1,660,272

6. Philadelphia,                PA        1,584,138

7. San Antonio,                TX        1,532,233

8. San Diego,                   CA       1,425,976

9. Dallas,                        TX        1,345,047

10. San Jose,                    CA        1,030,119

11. Austin,                        TX          964,254

12. Jacksonville,                FL           903,889

13. Fort Worth,                 TX           895,008

14. Columbus,                   OH          892,533

15. San Francisco,              CA          883,305

16. Charlotte,                    NC           872,498

17. Indianapolis,                IN           867,125

18. Seattle,                       WA          744,955

19. Denver,                       CO          716,492

20. Washington,                DC           702,455

21. Boston,                       MA           694,583

22. El Paso,                      TX            682,669

23. Detroit,                       MI            672,662

24. Nashville,                    TN           669,053

25. Portland,                     OR           653,115 

26.   Memphis,                      TN          650,618

27. Oklahoma City,              OK          649,021

28. Las Vegas,                    NV          644,644

29. Louisville,                      KY          620,118

30. Baltimore,                     MD         602,495

31. Milwaukee,                    WI         592,025

32. Albuquerque,                NM          560,218

33. Tucson,                        AZ           545,975

34. Fresno,                         CA          530,093

35. Mesa,                           AZ           508,958

36. Sacramento,                 CA           508,529

37. Atlanta,                        GA           498,044

38. Kansas City,                  MO          491,918

39. Colorado Springs,          CO           472,688

40. Miami,                          FL           470,914

41. Raleigh,                        NC           469,298

42. Omaha,                        NE           468,262  

43. Long Beach,                  CA           467,354

44. Virginia Beach,              VA            450,189

45. Oakland,                      CA            429,082

46. Minneapolis,                 MN           425,403

47. Tulsa                           OK            400,669

48. Arlington,                     TX            398,112

49. Tampa,                         FL           392,890

50. New Orleans,                LA            391,006


Business Name









Client ID (if applicable)


List ad-ons from above list and additional add-ons not listed

Total amount of cities to be added 1 Year $69.00 2 Years $99.00 1 Year $69.00 2 Years $99.00


Please Contact us via email to let us know which cities and websites you would like to be included in.  Email

Be sure to include: 

Your name and the name of your business.

Your website and email address.

Your Business Address.


The total amount of add-on cities. 

List the assigned numeric as well as the name of each add-on city.  You may also include cities not listed above, please list and include the name of the state for each. 

Let us know which websites you would like to be included in.

Once your order is received you will be emailed an invoice. Once fees are paid, a listing will be created for your edit and approval and your order will be placed.  

Please allow up to 1 additional week for each ten cities.  Your start date will commence when all of your listings have been placed and are live. Your Renewal date will begin respectively one or two years from your commencement date.

If you are current on your fees and would like to add-on cities, you will not be charged again for your one-year or two-year fees. Your add-on fees will be prorated.  Thank You.

Please direct any inquiries to (509) 862-3387 or via email.