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The following is a compiled directory listing of California ADHD Professional and Certified Coaches, Parent Coaches, Life Coaches, Career Counselors, Therapists, Social Works, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Teachers and Educators who may be of help with ADHD and ADD. Many of these individuals are able to provide Coaching Services, via phone, internet and SKYPE. These Listings are compiled alpahbetically by city.

ADHD Coaching can be of great benefit in helping parents, spouses and siblings to cope with the frustrations and difficulties associated with the thinking processes of an ADHD mind.  ADHD Coaching is often considered for adults only, however teens and children may also benefit greatly from ADHD Coaching. (Read More about ADHD Coaching)

Utilizing the services of ADHD Coaching can be a very convenient and time effective way to seek help as most ADHD Coaches are able to provide their expertise via phone, email and SKYPE. (Find ADHD Coaches Nationwide)



California ADHD Directory of Coaches

California ADHD Coaches

California Directory of ADHD Coaches


Akira Olsen, PhD
“Inner Diamonds Are Forever”
1601 Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, CA 94010
Toll Free: (888) 798-2272
Phone: (415) 508-7798
Fax: (415) 592-1658
Profession: Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychological Counselor
and ADHD Coach
Orientation: Works with her clients collaboratively to attain their short-term or long term goals. ADHD Assessments  Helps identify what may be contributing to current situations, and advise where to start making changes. ADHD Counseling and ADHD Career Counseling.


Ellen Cohen, J.D., M.B.A, ACC, BCC

Board Certified Coach
"Specializing in those with ADHD and others with time management, focusing, planning, organization and procrastination challenges"
Calabasas, CA 91302
Serving Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and the Conejo Valley areas.  Distance coaching also available nationwide.
Phone: (818) 802-6224 (818-80-COACH)
Profession: Board Certified Life Coach and a Certified International
Coach Federation Coach specializing in ADHD
ADHD Coaching, In Person, Via Skype and Telephone for
Local and Distance Coaching.


Cardiff By the Sea

Dianne Sterling, Psy.D.
Mindfulness Psychological Services
"What we think, we become" (Buddha)   
111 Chesterfield Dr., Suite 121
Cardiff By the Sea, CA 92007
Phone: (760) 530-4743
Fax: (760) 753-6481
Profession: Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Consultant, Life and ADHD Coach.
Orientation: Integrating cutting edge strategies of current Western psychology with  timeless Eastern practices and mindfulness. ADHD Assessments. Her perspective has been honed over two decades of experience with a broad
spectrum of psychological and holistic modalities. ADHD Parent Coaching Helps parents obtain the answers they need
and a more full understanding of their
child with ADHD as well as helping the
child gain self understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. Employs an intuitive approach to both psychotherapy, life coaching and consultation with a blend of mindfulness, psychodynamic and schema therapy, energy medicine, meditation and yoga. ADHD Altenative Care Practitioner Offering a full range of consulting, therapeutic, coaching, and assessment services.


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Conejo Valley

Ellen Cohen, J.D., M.B.A, ACC, BCC

Board Certified Coach
"Specializing in those with ADHD and others with time management,
focusing, planning, organization
and procrastination challenges"

Calabasas, CA 91302
Serving: Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and the Conejo Valley areas.
Distance coaching also available nationwide.
Phone: (818) 802-6224 (818-80-COACH)
Profession: Board Certified Life Coach and a Certified International Coach Federation Coach specializing in ADHD
Orientation: ADHD Coaching, In Person, Via Skype and Telephone for Local and Distance Coaching.

Dana Point

Davis                                                                 Mary Lynn Tracy, MA, Ph.D, MFT
Northern California Neurotherapy
133 D St., Suite J,
Davis, CA 95616
Phone:(530) 400-1951
Profession: Marriage and Family Therapist, Neurofeedback Provider and Life and ADHD Coach
Specialties: Anxiety, Depression and ADHD.
Orientation: ADHD Treatment for Adults, Adolescents and Children, ADHD Counseling, Attachment-based, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Life and ADHD Coaching, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain), ADHD Cognitive Training, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Existential, Humanistic, Integrative, Interpersonal, Family Systems, Family/Marital, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness-based (MBCT), Relational, Transpersonal, Trauma Focused, ADHD Assessments and Solution Focused Brief (SFBT).
Issues: Attention Deficit Disorder (either inattentive type, hyperactive type, or both), Academic Underachievement (ADHD Schools Support), Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum, Asperger’s Syndrome, Behavioral Issues, Chronic Impulsivity, Chronic Relapse, Coping Skills, Divorce, Emotional Disturbance, Family Conflict, Parenting, Relationship Issues, ADHD Anger Management, Codependency, Developmental Disorders, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Narcissistic Personality, Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD), Peer Relationships and Self Esteem Alcohol and Drug Addiction ADHD Substance Abuse),  Tourette’s Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, Age-Related Cognitive Decline and Memory Problems and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. ADHD Educational Services and ADHD Alternative Care Practitioner.

Del Mar

El Sobrante

Sydney Barbara Metrick, PHD

“Coaching for ADHD

and Non-Linear Thinkers”
Artful Coaching
4449 Wesley Way
El Sobrante, CA 94803
Phone: (510) 223-3882
: Professional coach and certified clinical hypnotherapist with a doctorate in expressive arts

Orientation: Assess needs and challenges, sets specific goals, and then works to develop the habits, tools, and structures needed to achieve those goals. Clarify your values and direction, Set structured goals, Take directed action, Maintain momentum, Work through obstacles and Achieve desired results. ADHD Coaching ADHD Assessments.


ADHD Specialist
“Transforming one life at a time!”
15720 Ventura Blvd. #503
Encino, CA 91436
Phone: 888-311-ADHD (2343)
Fax: (866) 630-4259
Profession: ADHD Specialists offer an Integrated Approach to treating ADD/ADHD
Orientation: Psychiatric Evaluations,Behavioral and Cognitive Treatment for ADD/ADHD and other related conditions, Psychotherapy and Counseling, Couples Counseling, Education and Counseling, Psychopharmacology and Medication Management, ADD/ADHD Parents Training,ADD/ADHD Students Advocacy, ADD/ADHD Academic Tutoring and Placement,  Individual and Group Coaching Services, Support Groups and Social Skills Groups, Skills-Based Group Treatment , Intensive Workshops, Complementary and Alternative ADD/ADHD non-medication therapies, Nutritional Counseling and supplementation, Intensive Integrative Care Treatment

Marcia L. Daniels, M.D.
16133 Ventura Blvd., Suite 670
Encino, CA. 91436
Phone: (818) 995-7848
Fax: (818) 385-1278
Profession: Psychiatrist
Orientation: Psychotherapy, Education, Coaching, ADHD Evaluations, Adult Assessment, Behavioral, Client-centered, Cognitive, Cognitive-behavioral, Couples, Family/Marital, Nutritional and herbal recommendations, Psychiatric Assessment, Psychopharmacologic

Agoura Hills Through Encino

Agoura Hills

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Rick Webster
"I specialize in helping entrepreneurs who have ADHD"
P. O. Box 908
Alamo, CA 94507
Phone:  (925) 765-2890
Profession: Entrepreneur, ADHD Business Coach, CEO Socially Conscious Investments, LLC
Specializing in Organizational Type: ADHD Business Coaching Services for Adults.
Services : "Create an exceptional life of your own design! I’m a full time business person and part time coach. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs who have ADHD to access their creative strengths as well as to mitigate the negative aspects of ADHD. I do not consider ADHD to be about deficits and disorders. ADHD is a neurological brain function difference. ADHD properly managed and harnessed can enable you to thrive.  I've invested over 10 years learning all about this condition.  My understanding of ADHD is personal as well as academic. Working with me will not be limited to tips & strategies. We will delve into the deeper regions to break through blockages and self-limiting beliefs. Working with me will be geared toward a stable and sustained upward trajectory.  Coaching is by phone twice a week. Don't walk this path alone."

Aliso Viejo

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ADHD Coaches in Berkeley

Beverly Hills


Amen Clinic
"Real People, Real Outcomes,
The Amen Clinics Can Help"

1000 Marina Blvd. Suite 100
Brisbane, CA 94005
Phone: (650) 416-7830
Fax: (650) 871-8874
Other Locations: Bellevue, Costa Mesa, New York, Atlanta, Reston
Phone: (888) 564-2057
Fax: (949) 266-3750
Profession: Our team consists of Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult  Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nutritionists,
Wellness Coaches, Integrative  Medicine Specialists, Neurologists, QEEG Practitioners, Hypnotherapists and  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.
Orientation: ADHD Treatment: At the Amen Clinics, we help you achieve a “brain-healthy” life through our integrated treatment method of comprehensive assessments, brain SPECT imaging, and brain-healthy habits.
Offering:  Integrative Medicine, ADHD Treatment, Nutritional Counseling, Psychiatric Treatment and various alternative therapies Knowing how your brain works is essential to understanding why you think and behave the way you do—and how your thoughts and behaviors directly impact your
quality of life. We utilize SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) as the best way to look at what is happening inside a brain while it is in action.
We also employ: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS); Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT); Hypnotherapy; Comprehensive Psychological Testing.

We offer ADHD Assessments and ADHD Therapy,
We Work With: ADHD/ADD, (ADHD Counseling) Anxiety & Depression, Addictions, Aging Better, Autistic Spectrum, Behavioral Problems, Brain Injury, Marital Conflict, Memory Issues, "Optimize My Brain", Weight Issues and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Judith Champion, MSW, ACG
ADHD Associates
“Coaching that moves you forward”
Brisbane, California 94005
Phone: (609) 468-0819
Skype:  judithchampion1
Profession:  Family ADHD Coach and Educator
Orientation: Family and Individual Coaching, Parent and Teacher Education and Advocacy
Specialty:  "ADHD and its coexisting conditions affects all members of a family, which is why I am a Family Coach and Educator.  I work with parents of young children to enable them to use best parenting practices in the support of their challenged children.
I coach and educate Teens and Adults in the development of strategies to overcome the challenges of ADHD.  I train teachers in understanding ADHD, and teach them how to maximize the learning potential of our students.  I also work as an Advocate with Parents and School Systems to ensure that their child is receiving the accommodations needed to increase their learning and improve their school experience

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Jane Massengill, LCSW/ MCC

The Gremlin-Taming Institute
“A Process for getting  a sliver of light between who you are and who you think you are”
425 El Pintado Rd, Suite 135
Danville , CA 94506
Phone: (925) 831-1184
Toll Free: (800) 980-1180
Fax: (925) 743-1988
Profession: Licensed Clinical Social
Worker, Professional Life Coach and Psychotherapist (MCC, LCSW). Director
of The Gremlin-Taming Institute.
Speaker. Teleclass leader. Mentor for
new coaches. Wrote chapter in Daniel Amen's book, "Healing ADD" on ADD Coaching. Collaborative author in
"Guiding Principles for ADHD Coaches",

a paper presented at the A.D.D.A. conference, 2002
Coaching, Treatment for adults with ADHD. Workshops, tele-classes. Keynote Presentations and Training Programs. Davis