Illinois ADHD Directory of Nutritionists and Dietitians

The following is a compiled Listing Provider Directory of Illinois ADHD Nutritionists and dieticians, Doctors and physicians, Mental

Health Professionals, naturpathic and holistic physicians and dietary Specialists who may be of help with ADHD and ADD. These listings are compiled by city alphabetically.  Page 1 of 1.

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Help With ADHD Illinois

Alington Heights

Thomas Jordan Nutritionist/Dietitian,

First Health Assocaites, SC
2010 S. Arlington Heights Rd., Suite 42
Arlington Heights,  Il 60005
Phone: (224) 725-3970
Fax: (847) 593-3346
Profession: Licensed Dietrician Nutritionist and Registered Dietician
Orientation :ADHD Alternative Health Practitioner, Nutrition, Fitness And Dietary Supplementation, A Dynamic Natural Approach To Attaining Optimal Health. ADHD Nutritional Guidance.


Marissa Ward, RD, MS
NuMoves Wellness, Inc.
"Health and wellness are

within your reach"
1605 West Wilson St., Suite 111
Batavia, Il.  60510
Phone: (630) 233-4491
Fax: (630) 406-1994
Profession:Registered Dietician, Exercise Psychologist, Wellness Coach
Orientation: Counseling, ADHD Nutritional Guidance, Diet Therapy, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition Education, Corporate Lectures, and Coaching, ADHD Educational Support.

Park Ridge

Jennifer Klotz, MS, RD,

“Specializing in health and wellness
from the inside out"

15 North Prospect Ave.
Park Ridge, IL 60068
Phone: (847) 232-9800
Profession: Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
Orientation: Working with all ages with nutritionally influenced conditions including but not limited to digestive disorders, allergies, metabolic concerns, heart disease, Diabetes, ADD/ADHD, mood imbalances, immune and autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxicities, and skin disorders. ADHD Alternative Care Practitioner: Utilizing the Integrative Medicine approach, which takes into account the person as a whole, including all aspects of lifestyle. It places focus on the body’s own healing systems, and makes use of therapies from both conventional and alternative medicine. ADHD Nutritional Guidance.

ADHD Nutritionists

ADHD Dietitians

Hickory Hills

Linda Ehlers Ph.d

Moraine Valley Wellness
“We believe that the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices toward a more healthy existence.”
8700 W. 95th St.
Hickory Hills, IL 60457
Phone: (708) 598-9010
Profession: Chiropraction, Nutritionist
Orientation: Chiropractic Care, Nutrition and Blood Testing, Accupuncture. Since ADHD appears as a neurological disorder and chiropractic care helps reduce nervous system disturbances, many patients who want a natural, non-drug solution have found chiropractic care helpful, even miraculous.


Richenel Ellecom, Psy.D, Ph.D

The Institute for Health Behavior Change
621 Plainfield Rd., Suite 110
Willowbrook, IL. 60527
Phone: (630) 654-1377
Fax: 630.654.2575
Profession: Profession: Licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist
Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Licensed Dietitian
Orientation: ADHD Neurofeedback, Psychological Evaluations, ADHD Assessments Neuropsychological evaluations, Brain Mapping, ADHD Mapping Evaluation, ADHD Nutritional Guidance

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Geraldine L. Stabosz, LCPC

7345 West 100th Pl., Suite 105
Bridgeview, Il. 60455
Phone: (708)
Profession: Mental Health Counselor

and Nutritional Guidance
Orientation: ADHD Evaluations,
Adult Assessment, Behavioral, Client-centered, Cognitive, Cognitive-behavioral, Couples, Family/Marital, Nutritional and Herbal Recommendations, Psychiatric Assessment, Certified Hypnotherapist Certified Alcohol/drug Abuse Counselor.

ADHD Treatment. ADHD Alternative Care Practitoner,