The following is a compiled Listing Provider Directory of Chicago ADHD Medical Professionals, Doctors, Pediatricians, Therapists, Neuro and Clinical psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Practitioners, Clinical Providers, Nutritionists, Naturopathic and Homeopathic Doctors and Neurofeedback Providers, that may be of help with ADHD and ADD. 

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Help With ADHD Chicago

Amber Fasula, Ph.D.
333 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 602
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: (312) 623-6463
Fax: (312) 276-8022
Profession: Neurofeedback Specialist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist and Hypnotherapist
Orientation: ADHD Neurofeedback Training, Cognitive-behavioral, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, ADHD Educational Support and Psychological Testing, ADHD Assessments

Scott Terry , Ed.D, MA, LMFT,

Ardent Center

“Counseling for Individuals of all

ages in our offices,

by phone or online”
1205 W. Sherwin, #311
Chicago, IL. 60626
(Additional Chicago Locations):

Chicago, IL. 60614

Chicago, IL  60626

Chicago, IL., 60640

Chicago, IL., 60610

Chicago, IL., 60202

Chicago IL., 60615

Chicago, IL., 60643

Chicago, IL 60647

Chicago, IL.,60611

Chicago, IL 60613

Chicago, IL., 60626
Phone: (847) 338-7533

and (773) 312-9385

Toll Free: (888) 870-1775
Fax: (847) 349-1619
Profession: We are Psychologists, Educational Psychologists ,  Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors,.
Orientation: Counseling can be done in our offices, by phone or online. We have a wide range of therapists with different skills and specialties. All our therapists do couple and marriage counseling, divorce counseling, environmental psychotherapy, family counseling, internet counseling and life coaching.

Diane Wilson, LCPC, BCN
"Coaching, Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback"
333 West Wacker Dr., Suite 302,
Chicago, IL. 60606
Phone (312) 925-5176
Profession: Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Neurofeedback Provider, ADHD and Life Coach, Author and Contributing Columnist for the Chicago Tribune's  
Orientation: Psychotherapy, ADHD Coaching, ADHD Counseling, and Training Adults and Adolescents. ADHD Neuorfeedback, Specialities: ADD, ADHD, Peak Performance, Depression, and Anxiety. Career Effectiveness, ADHD Career Counseling, Executive Development, Emotional Intelligence,  Peak Performance, Stress and Anxiety Management, Substance Abuse, Anti-aging, Brain Brightening and Migraines.

Chicago ADHD Directory for all Providers

ADHD Chicago

Chicago ADHD Providers

Dr. Ari Goldstein, Ph.D
Cognitive Solutions Learning Center, Inc
"Helping children and adults with learning disabilities and ADD ADHD reach their full potential"

2409 N Clybourn Ave
Chicago, Il  60614
Phone: (773) 755-1775
Fax: (773) 439-5499
Profession: Educational Psychologist, Certified Illinois Learning Specialist in  Psychological and educational assessment. ADHD Neurofeedback Provider. ADHD Coach.

ADHD  Career Counselor.
Orientation: Neuropsychological Testing, Psycho educational Testing, Dyslexia Testing, ADD  ADHD screenings, Standardized Examination Accommodations Testing.
Many areas must be tested in order to accurately diagnose cognitive (Memory, Executive  Functioning, Visual processing, Auditory processing), learning (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia), or  Attention difficulties (ADD and ADHD). Overall intelligence – or cognitive ability – is  measured. All processing areas are assessed, including visual/auditory memory and  Discrimination, executive functioning, and processing speed. After these evaluations,  achievement is tested in various areas, such as speaking, listening, reading, writing and  math. Background information is examined, such as family history, medical history, school  performance, emotional factors, motivational issues and his or her attention span, ADHD  Assessment.
Learning Center Educational therapy Model is designed to help students with learning  disabilities like dyslexia or ADD ADHD to understand unique learning styles. Our approach  is individualized to strengthen a student’s: Higher-order thinking skills, Memory retention and acuity, Meta-cognitive abilities, Auditory processing speed and accuracy, Language  comprehension, Executive functioning, Attention awareness and control, Visual processing  skills, Phonemic awareness. ADHD Educational Services, Executive Functioning, ADHD Tutoring and Classes. ADHD Neurofeedback and Quantitative EEG (QEEG- Brain Map) Assessments. Therapy For Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety And Depression.  ADHD Counseling.

Robert Brucker Jr., Psy. D.
Elizabeth Brucker, M. Ed.

Behavioral Health Education Specialists
1448 N. Milwaukee Ave. Suite # 201
Chicago, IL  60622
Phone: (773) 486-4617
Fax: (773) 486-4936
Profession: Psychotherapist, Child Psychologist, Physician.
Orientation: Cognitive-behavioral,Client-centered and Reality Therapy Components.  Diagnostic and Personality Assessments, ADHD Assessments, Including personality and intellectual testing. Depression; Anxiety, Stress, Anger and Sleep Difficulties; Interpersonal skills Deficits; Coping Skills Deficits; Domestic Violence Difficulties; ADHD Counseling, Maladaptive Personality Traits and Chronic Mental Illness Children, Adolescents and Adults, Psychological and Forensic Evaluations, Individual Psychotherapy, Group psychotherapy, Psychiatric Medication Management, ADHD Treatment. Education Services: Individualized and/or Group Tutoring Programs, Servicing all students, with and without special needs, Academic Achievement Testing, ADHD Educational Services,  Educational testing/evaluation, Kindergarten readiness screening, ACT preparation courses, ADHD Summer Pr

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Kathy Abbott,Psy.d
3317 W. 95th St., Suite. 205
Evergreen Park, IL  60805
Phone: (773) 807-0936
Profession: Licensed Clinical Psychologist and board-certified in EEG Neurofeedback
Orientation: ADHD Neurofeedback, Individual & Marital Counseling,
AD/HD Assessment, Asberger's Disorder, ADHD Counseling, Anger, Anxiety,  Depression, Fibromyalgia, Minor Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke and Tourettes. ADHD Parental Support ADHD counseling.

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Karen Pierce,  M.D.

2634 N. Dayton
Chicago, IL.  60614
Phone: (773) 525-1218

Fax: (773) 525-8925
Childrens Memorial Hospital
2300 N Childrens Plz Suite 10
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 880-4843
Fax: (773) 880-8109
Profession: Psychiatrist  for Children and Adolescents Assistant professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.
Orientation: Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Tourette's Syndrome. ADHD Educational Support.  Child Advocacy / School Intervention and School Consultation. ADHD Assessment, Individual   Psychotherapy,  ADHD Treatment,  ADHD Medication Management Psychopharmacology.

Peter Jaksa, PHD
ADD Centers
30 North Michigan Ave., Suite 814
Chicago, IL.  60602
Phone:  (312) 372-4824
Profession: Clinical Psychologist president and clinical director of ADD Centers of America Parenting Adviser
for ADDitude Magazine
Orientation: ADHD Educational Website, Consulting and ADHD coaching.