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North Carolina ADHD Alternative Health Practitioners

North Carolina  ADHD Assessments and Evaluations

Asheville ADHD Assessments and Evaluations

Charlotte ADHD Assessments and Evaluations

Durham ADHD Assessments and Evaluations

Raleigh ADHD Assessments and Evaluations

North Carolina Auditory Processing

North Carolina ADHD Camps, Summer Programs and Retreats

North Carolina ADHD Career Counselors

North Carolina ADHD Coaches

Asheville ADHD Coaches

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North Carolina ADHD Cognitive Training

North Carolina ADHD Educators, Teachers and Tutors

Asheville ADHD Educators, Teachers and Tutors

Charlotte ADHD Educators, Teachers and Tutors

Durham ADHD Educators, Teachers and Tutors

Raleigh ADHD Educators, Teachers and Tutors  

Below are our Nationwide ADHD Provider  Directories

ADHD Professional and Certified Coaches

Coaching can be of great benefit in helping parents, spouses and siblings to cope with the frustrations and difficulties associated with the thinking processes of an ADHD mind.  ADHD Coaching is often considered for adults only, however teens and children may also benefit greatly from ADHD.  Utilizing the services of ADHD Coaching can be a very convenient and time effective way to seek help as most ADHD Coaches are able to provide their expertise are available via online, SKYPE or video conferencing as well as by phone, chat and email.  This means you have the luxury of choosing from a nationwide pool expertise and talent.

ADHD Professional and Certified Coaches Nationwide

ADHD Neurofeedback Providers

Neurofeedback is a non invasive procedure with dramatic results for treating ADHD.  We have compiled a Nationwide Directory of Neurofeeback Providers.

ADHD Neurofeedback Directory Nationwide

ADHD  Counseling Online

Research into online counseling has established that online therapy treatment is at least equal to in office sessions.   Allowing you the comfort and time saving ability to attend therapy at your convenience. With the added value of choosing your ADHD Therapist from and a nationwide talent pool.  Therapists are available via online, SKYPE or video conferencing as well as by phone, chat and email. 

ADHD Therapists and Coaches Working Via SKYPE, Phone and Internet Nationwide


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Find A Provider Near You Clinical Services Directory

Cognition Quest Provider Directory can be an invaluable resource to find professionals, products, or others providing services for families and individuals living with ADHD. The Directory may be searched by location or by type of service offered.

Find A Provider Near You To Help With ADHD

Cognition Quest Resources provides online educational material to the community. Our online Directory offers resources to individuals helping them to find Medical Professionals who specialize in a variety of treatments and remedies to help with ADHD. 


Our Directory allows you to search for ADHD help in specific resource and treatment categories.

The General Directory of all Providers is an accumulation of every provider in our North Carolina Directory. 

Each Link below the General Directory will allow you to search a list of Providers  according to there fields of expertise for specific resource and treatment options


North Carolina ADHD General Directory All Providers

Asheville ADHD General Directory All Providers

Charlotte ADHD General Directory  All Providers

Durham ADHD General Directory All Providers

Raleigh Gerneral Directory All Providers

North Carolina Integrative Health Care

North Carolina ADHD Medical Doctors and Pediatricians

North Carolina ADHD Neurofeedback Practitioners

Asheville ADHD Neurofeedback Providers

Charlotte ADHD Neurofeedback Providers

Durham ADHD Neruofeedback Providers

Raleigh ADHD Neurofeedback Providers

North Carolina ADHD Nutritionists and Dietitians

North Carolina ADHD Occupational and Speech Therapists

North Carolina ADHD Professional Organizers

North Carolina ADHD  Schools, Learning Centers and Educational Facilities

North Carolina ADHD Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Asheville ADHD Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Durham ADHD Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Charlotte ADHD Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Asheville ADHD Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Raleigh ADHD Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatris