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The following is a compiled directory listing of New York ADHD Coaches, Career Couselors, Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Professional Organizers,  and Consultants offering one on one sessions as well as classes seminars, groups  and direction,  who may be of help with ADHD and ADD. These Listings are compiled by city in alphabetical order.  Page 1 of 1.


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New York ADHD  Professional and Certified Coaches

NY ADHD Coaches

NY ADHD Coaches


Cindy  Goldrich,  M. Ed., ACAC

ADHD Parent Coach and Teacher Trainer
Phone: (516) 802-0593
creating Pathways To Success
Profession: ADHD Coaching, Parenting Specialist,  and Teacher Training.
ADHD Educational Services: Coaching, Education and Support to Parents, Students, and Professionals.  Teacher -Inservice.
Workshop series: Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD and Executive Function challenges. 
Homework: Tips, Tools and Strategies.


Debra Burdick, LCSW,

"The Brain Lady"             
3 Continental Lane
Washingtonville, NY 10992
Phone: (860) 460-6899
Profession:  Life and ADHD Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified Neurofeedback, Provider, Consultant and Trainer.
Orientation: Cognitive Function,  ADHD Therapy, Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback and Self-regulation, ADHD Assessments QEEGs. ADHD Cognitive Training, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, ADHD Consulting Business/Workplace, ADHD Workshops and Seminars, Teleseminars and Training.  Programs, Packages and Products. ADHD Educational Services. ADHD Career Counseling and, ADHD Organizing,
Issues:  Acquired Brain Injury, Fear and Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Parenting, Relationships,  Depression and  Bipolar Disorder, Manic Episodes and Peak Performance.  ADHD Alternative Care Practitioner.


Elaine Maye, LCSW-R

Goal Focus Psychotherapy
Services, LLC
99 Main St., Suite 309
Nyack, NY. 10960
Phone: (917) 846-9657
Profession: Clinical Social Work
and Therapist
Orientation: ADHD Therapy, Eclectic, Family and Marital Therapy Solution Focused Therapy, ADHD Coaching Interpersona


Andrea Yellinek, M.S.,OTR/L, ACG

Bayside, NY
Phone: (646) 423-6440
Profession: Professional Organizing And Time Management Expert,  Best-Selling Author, Consultant and Speaker       
Orientation: Business and Residential: ADHD, Author/Writer, Business Coach,  Office-Commercial, Office-Home, Paper & Electronic, People w/ Disabilities, Personal Coach, Professional Organizer Coach, Public Speaking/Training, Time Management, Closet Organizing, Garages/Attics/Basements, Hoarding, Moving/Relocation, Seniors, Children
and Students. ADHD Time Management. ADHD Professional Organizer. Seminars and Classes. Author of "Organizing From The Inside Out" very helpful for ADHD.

Rego Park


Rebecca J. Daniels, ACG  
Founder & President
R. J. Daniels Coaching
"Coaching for College Students and Business Professionals with ADD and other patternsrelated to executive function."

Spencerport, NY.
Phone: (585) 739-9537
Profession: Professional Coach
Orientation; Coaching
Profession: Graduate of the
ADD Coach Academy. Speaker
Orientation: Specializing in coaching college students and business professionals who are committed to dealing more effectively with the daily challenges of living and working with ADD and other patterns related to executive function. ADHD Career Counseling.  Helping them learn how to manage the practical activities of everyday living in a more organized, goal–oriented, and timely manner.  ADHD Educational Services.


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